PRE-ORDER The Illustrated Crystallary - Guidance and Rituals from 36 Magical Gems and Minerals By Maia Toll

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Set to be published SEPTEMBER 2020
Combining ancient wisdom with her own distinctive insights, Maia Toll explores the mystical qualities of 36 gems and minerals, including turquoise, topaz, opal, quartz, and more. The attributes and symbolism associated with each stone are portrayed in evocative illustrations by Kate O’Hara, which are featured on 36 oracle cards included in the book. Readers can use these cards along with Toll’s illuminating writings to inspire their reflections and meditation practice. 
In the ancient world there were three medicine kingdoms: animal, vegetable, and mineral. Following her previous acclaimed volumes on animal (The Illustrated Bestiary) and vegetable (The Illustrated Herbiary), Maia Toll fulfills the call for mineral with The Illustrated Crystallary, exploring the mystical qualities of 36 fascinating crystals and minerals, including gold, silver, copper, amethyst, hematite, mica, smokey quartz, emerald, ruby, and more. Combining bits of ancient wisdom with her own insights, Toll explores the aspects and energy of each stone and, through rituals and reflections, the life guidance it might offer contemporary readers. Obsidian’s shiny surface and sharp edges reflect the shadowy corners of the self and serve as the tool for cutting them loose. The sky-like color of earthly turquoise provides balance between opposing forces. The stunning illustrations of Kate O’Hara magnify the symbolism of each crystal throughout the book, and are also featured on 36 oracle cards included in an envelope bound in the back of the book.