Forest Fae Enchanted Bath & Body Oil infused with Labradorite Crystals

Forest Fae Enchanted Bath & Body Oil infused with Labradorite Crystals

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Nourish your skin with DANDELION BLOOMS infused in avocado oil and essential oils of Fir Needle, Cedarwood, Patchouli, and Lavender. 

To make this oil, I infused dandelion blooms that I harvested in avocado oil for an entire year! 

The woody and bright Fir Needle essential oil was added for an uplifting energy and to help one feel as if they were in a lush forest, connected with nature. 

Sweet and soft Cedarwood ashei (or Cedarwood Texas) was blended in to promote calmness and ward off negative thoughts. 

Earthy Patchouli oil was added for balance and just a touch of the sweet & floral Lavendin (which is a cross between True & Spike Lavender) to evoke the calm that can be found deep in the forest.

Labradorite crystals have been added to the oil, infusing it with Labradorite's lovely energetics of enhancing intuition and spiritually grounding. The crystals also have the added bonus of helping to remix the body safe micas and biodegradable glitter which gives this body oil a luscious magical appearance. As if it were a gift from the fae.


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