Balance Essential Oil Roller
Balance Essential Oil Roller
Balance Essential Oil Roller

Balance Essential Oil Roller

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I get it. Emotional health can be hard. Especially right now when we don't know what is going to happen next. Everything becomes a trigger. And some days we may just want to fall into the low times and let the world move around us. That is okay for a little bit, but eventually we need to move out of that cycle and get back to balance.

Or maybe you are opposite of the spectrum and you are high all the time, not high like stoner high, but your emotional or energy levels are higher, and sometimes being at such a high level all the time can actually be detrimental because you may go higher and higher and eventually when you come down it may be hard. You may crash and the experience may be like falling from the tip of a mountain and landing at the bottom of the ocean floor. 

This is when the tools provided in this kit can help you work on balancing your emotions. 

The kit contains 1 essential oil roller & 2 dressed tea light candles.

The roller: Essential oils of Cedarwood (Texas), Vanilla Botanical extract, Copaiba, Frankincense, Dalmation Sage are married together in a base of Avocado oil to create a blend that promotes emotional balance and stability. The peridot crystal is said to hold properties of toxic energy elimination, can sharpen the mind, and I have even read of it balancing bipolar tendencies.(See note below) Rose petals and rosemary leaves are also added for their energetic properties. (If you are allergic to avocado oil, do not hesitate to reach out and I can create a roller using an oil safe for you.)

The Candles: These candles were created with the intention of balance, they are to be used during meditation and innerwork (such as shadow work). They are dressed with rose petals, rose, sage (garden sage), and peridot crystal chips. Contains Essential oils of Cedarwood, frankincense, & Copiba.

* I feel the need to address something about this product. It is not a magic pill. It will not heal you. This is a tool to help you access the inner most parts of your emotions. You have to be willing to do the work that needs to be done in order to effectively process any past traumas, you may have had. You may even need to go to therapy or counseling when you are working through some issues. You may also need to be on medication. And that is okay. (If you are on medication it is best to talk with your doctor about essential oil use and the possibilities of interactions.) Once any past traumas are worked through balance can occur. 

Also note that some spirits are just higher or lower in energy so if you are either, that is okay. Balance looks different for each individual.

Since this essential oil roller contains a small amount of Sage essential oil it is not recommended for those who are pregnant or breastfeeding.