S. Marie Carlson

Hi, my name is Sara, I sometimes like to go by S. Marie Carlson when I sign my artwork or pen my books. Either is fine. I am a self-taught American artist/author who is passionate about drawing, creating stories, and designing characters. I also have a deep love for my Scandinavian heritage, and a bit of an obsession the magic that is in the world around us. I love anything that is obscure, 'witchy', related to the Fae, Nisse, and other wee folk. I love the "fantasy" world so much that the legends that have become considered folklore are true and real to me.
I must say this as well, I also love my Heavenly Parents, and my elder brother and savior, Jesus Christ.
I have always had a passion for art. I have illustrated two children's books titled Mama, Talk About when Max was Born, and Mama, Talk About Our New Baby, both written by Toni Olson. They can be found at TalkAboutMax.com
In 2015 I published Armistice, my first YA fantasy novel, in The Sovereign Spell Chronicles. The second installment, Dark Spell, is in the works.
In 2017 I took a break from my art and dove into my love of herbal medicine. I opened an apothecary and by 2018 started my own herbal magazine titled Home Herbalist. Home Herbalist ran the last issue was published at the end of 2020. 
Fast forward to today, and A Witch Named Muggie was born. It is a webcomic following the life of the friendly little witch Muggie, her two pets and their adventures running a bathhouse, inn, and curiosities shop. A Witch Named Muggie is great fun for comic fans.
I also have dreams of creating series that spins a family friendly tale of the creatures of the natural world of Briarwood, a wooded place for fun, relaxation, and adventure (based on the real-life land and creatures living in my special place in the woods at my home). Briarwood teaches young readers life skills, friendship, manners, & more. 
I hope you enjoyed learning a little bit about me! If you would like to stay in connected please follow me on the social medias. I post the most to Instagram, TikTok & my Patreon where you can join for as little as $1, or join the Mailbox club or Originals tier and get physical monthly things sent directly to you!