Meet Miss Sara

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Northwoods Wild Woman Miss Sara Carlson

My name is Sara Carlson, I'm the face behind Northwoods Wild. I have had a love of plant medicine since 2006 at least that is when I really started learning about it, but I knew there was wisdom and knowledge from the earth that could be found just by being on the land ever since I was a young child. 

If I wasn't home you could find me wandering around and "picking rocks" in  the "gravel pit" behind my family's property in the Northwoods of Wisconsin. I remember one day (I think I was about 7) I took a wheelbarrow down with me and collected plants and mushrooms to create a salad for our goats, I added it to fresh grass clippings and gave it to them. They really seemed to enjoy it as far as I can remember, but it wasn't very long after one of the goats died. I am unsure if it was because of the salad or some other reason. (Kind of an odd memory, but I guess I feel guilty.)

To this day, I love exploring that land and have found many herbal allies there. When I am "exploring" I have found the most peace, and the most healing on a higher level than just physical. The Red Cedar River runs along the edge of the property and sometimes, I find my self exploring with no other purpose than to hear the river. 

Herbal wisdom should not be held for profit. This knowledge is a knowledge that should have been passed down through our ancestors, no matter where they came from, herbalism is a part of our shared history as a human species.
You don't have to spend thousands of dollars to learn about the plants growing around you, or even ones from afar. Resources are all around, don't let yourself fall into the trap of feeling "less than" because you don't hold a piece of paper "certifying" you. Which in the US doesn't mean much because there is no qualifying organization to say what a certified herbalist is. Basically the piece of paper means you finished a course. That's it. It doesn't provide you with any special keys, or any special "powers". Some times it gives people a puffed up ego, but that is about it. You've got this! The plants want to work with you. 

My heritage is primarily of Nordic descent but I also have roots in Ireland, England, France, Poland, and Bohemia. It sound strange to many but "ancestral work" is something that makes up a huge part of who I am. I can feel them guide me when I work with the plants.


Hi I'm Sara. I live on the edge of the Northwoods of Wisconsin. I believe an unpopular opinion. I believe your knowledge is valid. I believe what you learn is just as equal of information as what I have learned. (A price tag of a course doesn't equate wisdom.) I also believe payment to learn about your ancestral birthright of herbal wisdom should not be required. (Some people learn better through a paid classroom setting and there is nothing wrong with that. Just don't see yourself as higher than those who chose not to spend thousands on a piece of paper saying they finished a class. The U.S. has no recognized herbal "certification".)

Did you know that no matter what your culture is your ancestors healed with herbs? You can too! This knowledge should have been passed down through the generations but we have become disconnected from our healing traditions, some I would call sacred. Since plant healing is in all of our heritages, I consider it a birthright, and one that needs to be reawakened in everyone. We do not own the land, but we have been asked to become stewards of her. If we do our part to heal her, she will heal us. Come with me on my journey of land stewardship and herbal healing. I will share what I learn and hopefully help you claim the herbal heritage that is rightfully yours.