'Low Rider' Artisan Soaps

The 'Low Rider' style of soap is our version of a 'flat top' or 'standard' bar of soap. It basically just means no extra soap was added on top. One thing to note is that these bars are not standard when in comparison to big box brands. Inside each bar you will find luxurious oils and butters, our own homestead raised wild boar lard, skin loving additives like aloe vera, carrot juice, or avocado puree, and that special artistic magic brought by yours truly. Body safe colorants and enviro/biodegradable body glitters are used to add some whimsy and intrigue to the creations for an enchanting bath time experience. 

Essential oils, absolutes, and fragrance oils are used to scent the soaps I create. One of the big things I searched for was the safety of the fragrances I was working with. That's why you will not find any phthalates or parabens in any of my products.