Let Me Be Wild

To some, the water calls...


the mountains,


the prairies,

the deserts.




But not me...

The forest calls my name.

It beckons with the darkness

Just past the edge,

And the light that glows within.

Curiosity questions what it holds.




Forgotten remedies?

Fluorescent fungi?

The Fae?






I break free.

I run.







I run into her depths...

Into her heart...

Into her soul... I stop. I listen. I breathe.




The silence breaks...

The breath of the earth resumes.

It sweeps the pine bows...

My cheeks...

My hair... Rays of light split the darkness

Brought by towering pines.




Mother doe and her twins gracefully drift past,

As if I am not me...

But a part of the landscape.




They know I am there.

They’re not afraid.




I feel the presence of more...

More than flora...

More than fauna...

More than earth... I feel my intuition...

My spirit...

I sit...

I soak in the forest.

I let it consume me.

Cleanse me.

Remind me that we came from the same dirt.




Our maker the same.





I am tainted by society...

By the mistakes of humankind...

By sin...

By desire...

By anger...

By hate... But the wild is different.

It resembles my savior.




The wild is pure...

Perfect in its creation.




No offensive word.

No judgment.

No distraction.

No temptation.

No deceit.

No restriction.




Let me be like her.




Let me be kind.

Let me be humble.

Let me be love.

Let me be honest.

Let me be free.

Let me be wild.






Copyright S. Marie Carlson

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