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🌿Take a peek inside my herb curing cabinet!🌿

"Cured" herbs have been shown to be more flavorful, colorful, and retain more of their medicinal value. All of my herbs are now cured in this handy curing cabinet and create a fabulous end product. How to dry herbs for future use. I only use the dehydrator on low 90-95 degrees F for roots and berries and other high moisture plants.

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How To Make an Infused Oil

Infused oils are a pivotal part of any home apothecary. They can be used on their own or turned into salves, balms, creams, butters and more.There are a few different ways to make an infused oil but the method I prefer I call the #slowherbalism method. I learned this method from April Graham of @she_is_of_the_woods on Instagram and I honestly can tell a major difference in the quality of the end product. Since this is what is use 99% of the time, this is the method I teach.   The most important thing I need you to remember when infusing an oil is that your jars and utensils need to be super clean (sterilized) and BONE dry. The tiniest amount...

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Digging Deep

Making root medicine can be a labor of love. It can be hard work, especially when you are digging roots that are large such as yellow dock, or poke. Once you unearth that vessel of potent medicine, your efforts have been rewarded.  But, back up, when is the best time to harvest? And how do we harvest? When to Harvest Technically, medicinal roots can be harvested any time of year. However, there is one particular time that I personally harvest my medicinal roots, late fall. The reasoning behind a late fall harvest is because it is believed that once the air turns cold and the threat of frost is near, the plant stops growing stems and leaves and sends down...

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