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Bay Leaves by Sydney J. Tanner

Laurus nobilis has many names: bay leaves, bay laurel, sweet bay, even Greek laurel. The laurel tree is a native of the Mediterranean. It has been grown since ancient times. The tree itself can be from 25-60 feet tall, depending on climate and zone. Laurel trees “migrated” to Europe in the 1600s, and the Americas with European settlement. 

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The First Aid Weed By Elaine Johnson MS, IAC

Plantain is a hemostatic, vulnerary, and analgesic herb: it stops bleeding and helps tissues regenerate while easing the pain associated with injury. Plantain can be prepared as a tincture, tea, infused oil, salve, or poultice and each preparation has different purposes. I remember my grandfather making spit poultices with Plantain leaves to soothe my itchy mosquito bites when I was a child, and I still use this easy method for on-the-spot relief of bites, scrapes, and stings while hiking or working in the garden.

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